7 Common Lies Men Tell

Today’s is now discussing 7 Common Lies Men Tell. This was taken from a sample of anonymous men from various areas of the world. I have no input aside from personal experience with men telling me these lies. Also, random side notes: I believe men were slightly more open about their lies.

  1. My sexuality: Apparently these men lie about being gay or bi.
  2. Stealing panties: Thank god, I have never encountered this because I would be quite mad about someone stealing my expensive underwear. This particular man was very honest saying he lies about stealing panties.
  3. Liking girls his age: These particular men lie to their friends saying they like women their age but in reality, they like much younger girls. I don’t have an issue with dating older but I think you have to take into consideration how old the girl/guy is. I have dated as much as a 9 year age difference.
  4. Being happy with their significant other: A good group of men informed me that they pretend to be happy with their wives. They said often they were miserable. All I can say is I felt bad for them.
  5. Masturbation: I chose not to ask more on this. I think we all know where this one was going…
  6. How many women they’ve been with: I honestly think this one is so stupid to lie about. I am thankful that all the men I have dated have been what I believe was honest about that. They generally lower the number.
  7. That I’m okay: This seems to be a common theme among men and women. I believe men shouldn’t hold in their emotions so much.

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