7 Common Lies Women Tell

This is a post done with a sample of anonymous women answering the most simple question. What is the most common lie you tell? I know for me some of these hits home.

  1. Being okay. Being okay can mean a lot of things. When women say they are okay, there is a high chance they ARE NOT okay.  Be there, be a listening ear. Keyword: Listening. Don’t try to talk too much. Make them laugh, cuddle with your lady. I know for a fact I have lied about being okay when in reality I was probably pissed off.
  2. Weight. I have never actually lied about my weight personally. But I do know that women do. Men, do NOT ask a lady how much she weighs. You’ll end up lied too.
  3. Dieting. Women lie about dieting. They either say they aren’t on a diet and they actually are. The opposite being they are on a diet and they really aren’t. I usually say the latter of the two.
  4. Orgasms. This took a very unusual turn. I normally do not talk about sex on here even though it natural. It’s just not my preference to do so. But women do lie about this. This is why men think they are so great in bed when in reality there are about average if that.
  5. Sexuality. I have lied about this when I’m getting unwanted attention from weird or annoying men. The context in which I received this answer was the woman actually likes other women but lies saying she likes men.
  6. Age. Women often lie about there age. I’ve never lied about my age. I do know that women do this. I have had friends who have been lied to by young girls saying they are older and they end up sleeping with the said younger girl.
  7. Having everything under control. I am constantly lying about this. I constantly feel like I have no control which is very true. I know tons of other women would never not tell this lie. Some women feel like asking for help takes away their independence.

I hope this made you laugh, brought some positivity and some enlightenment.

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