Today’s post has no relevance to anyone other than myself and Bradley. It has no meaning to outsiders who don’t know either of us. It won’t help you see a perfect relationship (Ours is not perfect). It will not help anyone. Also, realize some things are left out for a reason and you can’t just base an opinion off of what information I do give out.

So Friday night / Saturday morning, Bradley got her at 1 AM. I was there with his parents waiting for him to get here. He got here and I went straight to bed. 1 AM is past my normal sleep time. Disclaimer: I am not a grandma but I have to get up early Monday through Thursday for school. I’ve gotten into a routine of sorts.

Saturday: Bradley and I woke up. We just hang out until my mom asked to go to SalonCentric to buy my grandma professional products. Disclaimer: You have to be a cosmetology student or cosmetologist in order to purchase things from there. Then we went to GameStop. Then we went back to Brad’s. We hung out and took a nap. Then ordered pizza and watched TV. Bradley took me home.

Sunday: I was supposed to go to church with my mom and grandparents (I refer to them as Grandma and Poppy). Well, they couldn’t get ready in time so they didn’t go. I got dropped off at Bradley’s house. I went to church with them. Then Bradley and I went to Carolina Ale House. Then did some shopping. I almost bought a donut pool float. I really want to take the very cliche blogger lounging in a donut pool float photo.  Then we went to Bradley’s house to just hang out.

After all, This is all I have to say about Bradley’s weekend back home! Thanks for reading! If you want, you can follow me on Snapchat: @caralynn97.  Please be sure to follow me on TwitterInstagramTumblrPinterest, and Facebook. If you would like, you can share this on your social media accounts! Did you see my last post? If you like a nosy post about things I’ve done let me know in the comments.

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