Today’s post is a car phone mount review. This will consist of a couple different qualities that I thought would be important to discuss. The quality of the item, the functionality, and appearance.


It seemed sturdy for what it was.  The sticky backing of it didn’t seem to last very long. The suction cup portion definitely stuck to windshields and glass. It says it cal stick to most flat surfaces. It doesn’t stick to wood very well.


It is very useful. I use it all the time. I use the car mount for when I need directions or i just want my phone visible but not in the way or being a distraction. It is very practical for someone who drives a lot or travels to place they are unfamiliar. It rotates 360 degrees and has two different angles it can be placed at.


The appearance is your typical car phone mount. It has nothing special to it. It rotate 360 degrees. It can fit most standard size smart phones. It  is black in color. It is rather small but that is okay because anything too big would be in the way or cause their to be a blind spot in the car.


It is small and functional. It is useful and I love mine. I would suggest to everyone to get a car phone mount.

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