In case you didn’t know, I am on my “summer break”. So for my weekend, I went to Charlotte, North Carolina | May 2017. I went to see my Aunt and Uncle, As well as, My boyfriend, Bradley.


Friday was spent running errands such as getting gas, going to Walmart, dropping the dog off at my neighbors. I felt kind of overwhelmed with how fast time seemed to fly by.

I dropped my mom off at work (25 minutes away from my house), Then I went to Walmart to get a couple of things. After that, I went home to pack my bag. I picked my mom up from work to take her to take care of personal matters. As well as, dropped her back off at work.

Next, I went home finished packing my bag. I went and took the dog to her sister’s house. Meanwhile, I got all the way to Costco and realized I forgot my debit card. Of course, I drove back home to pick it up. Finally, I went and got my mom from work


During my summer break, I get to wake up bright and early. Bradley went a car show. Afterward, we met up at my uncle’s house. We then went back to Bradley’s apartment. Later, Bradley went off to work as I stayed at his apartment while he was at work. Of course, I did the usual blogger thing of edit photos, scheduled tweets, facebook post, and other social media to do’s.

He then got off of work a tad early and we went Shiki’s. It is a lovely Japanese restaurant. After, dinner at Shiki’s, we went to see “The Fate of the Furious.” at the movie theater.

Finally, we went to my aunt and uncle’s house. Bradley stayed the night there because it’s an hour long ride back to his house from my uncle’s.


I hope you enjoy reading mt Charlotte, North Carolina | May 2017 post.

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