5 weird and Annoying Messages from Dating Apps!

This is a post about the mishaps and weird messages you get from people on Tinder, Bumble, Match or even through text. (DISCLAIMER: These are all real messages sent to me from various people on dating sites and apps.)

Match: I don’t really know how to respond to this type of message. Plus this man is only a couple of years younger than my dad.

Tinder: This guy was 19 years old. I normally do not go for men who are younger than me. He kept asking to come to my house or me got to his place. Context: He lived/lives about 45 minutes to an hour from my house. I also have a busted up car that I’m not sure would make it there or back lol.

Match: He was right about not getting a message back. He also lives in the upstate New York area which is about 800 miles away from where I live lol. He’s also 35 years old. I try to stick to 29 and younger. At least he was polite and didn’t message me a dozen times!

Tinder: This was a very cocky message from this particular guy. I also accidentally swiped right on him. Arrogance is very unattractive. That was a sure fire way to not get a response from me. Disclaimer: I don’t give my number out immediately to random strangers on tinder. Unless of course, It’s someone I’ve met in real life and or already knew them.

Tinder: This guy thought that just because I’m in cosmetology school that I would want to do his eyebrows. Joking about doing something in my profession is a major no until I know you better or I mention it first.

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