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Today’s post is a how to get the perfect sunless tan. I use sunless tanner rather than baking my skin. I’ve never been an insane crazed sun tanner but I do long the long of being very blonde and very tan. So to replace the gross negative effects of regular tanning, I’ve decided to give you guys my tips for the perfect sunless tan.

how to get the perfect sunless tan

Step one: Prep.

When you chose to sunless tan, you do not just go and slap any old tanner on. You should always exfoliate a couple of days before and give your skin a moisture boost. Then exfoliate again. I love a sugar and coffee mixture for exfoliating. I make my own. I use one part sugar to one part coffee.

If you’re going to get have a perfect manicure and pedicure. Go get a pedicure before you self-tan.  Do your manicure after you self-tan. Always shave armpits and legs and any other area that needs hair removal.

Step two: Tanning

For self-tanning, you will want to make sure you blend it into your skin. Be careful when applying self-tanner around your armpits, ankles and other areas similar to that.  The armpit is sometimes a dry area and can end up looking patchy. The same goes for knees, elbows, and ankles. There are two types of ways to apply it without getting it on your hands. The first is a dense brush like one sold by bare minerals or a tanning mitt like sold by St. Tropez.

That is really all of my tips for how to get the perfect sunless tan! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading my post about The Key to Great Legs! If you want, you can follow me on Snapchat: @caralynn97. Please be sure to follow me on TwitterInstagramTumblrPinterest, and Facebook. If you would like, you can share this on your social media accounts! Did you see my last post?

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