How not to online date!

This is the second part of How not to online date. This is a series of screenshots from various dating apps. Note: I generally don’t give out my personal information like address, phone number, etc. Social media accounts 

how not to online date cara lynn's blog

Match: This is a message from a 41-year-old man from Manhattan, New York. He messaged me several times with no response to any of them. I wasn’t at that point nor am I currently interested in dating someone who is 21 years older than me. Also not to mention he lives in New York. He lives over 500 miles away from where I live.

How not to online date cara lynn's blog

Match: This is a message from a 50-year-old man in Kissimmee, Florida. He messaged me only once which I believe was relatively polite. My question is what was he thinking. I am 20 years old. He is 50 years old. That equals up to being a 30 year age gap. I am fine with dating older. I have dated up to 9 years older. Although you will very rarely see me date younger. Also, there are 500 plus miles between where I live and Kissimmee, Florida.

How not to online date cara lynn's blog

Match: This guy is 20 years old which is fine. I don’t generally date my age or younger but there is nothing wrong with twenty. Then there are the physical attractions. He didn’t seem to be what I’m naturally drawn too. I don’t go on match every day it’s more like few and far between. So to message me twice is bit annoying…especially when I didn’t message back.

How not to online date cara lynn's blog

Match: This message was sent to me by this 48-year-old. I don’t have the other messages from him but I asked him what he meant and basically, he propositioned me to be his sugar baby. I thought it was hilarious. I’ve propositioned by at least 4-6 older men with them wanting me to be their sugar baby.

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