So today’s post is how to get over a breakup. I know it didn’t seem like I had to get over it.  I did it just didn’t take as long as it does for some people. So here are some of my tips and tricks to get over someone.

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  1. Get involved in your faith: I am a believer I don’t hide it or deny that I go to church and believe in God. I go out with my friends during the week. I go to a bible study on Wednesday, Church on Sunday mornings, and College ministry on Sunday nights. I have connected with so many good like-minded people who are there to encourage one another in their walk with God.
  2. Get a hobby: I had my blog prior to knowing my ex. I did get him involved in the process of taking my photos and etc. I have no regrets over that. It helped him become more well rounded and taught him a skillset that he didn’t have before. Now I just enlist my friends in the photo taking process.
  3. Go on Dating sites and Apps: I definitely suggest going and getting yourself out there. You can just have fun now. Life is not different than before. You’re just minus one person in your life. Honestly, my ex wasn’t completed out of my life for like a month after. You’ll be fine going on dates and such.

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