Today’s post is how to remove artificial nails the correct way. The reason you want to do it the correct way is to keep your natural nail plate healthy. Your nail plate is made up of 100 layers and if you take them off the wrong way you can severely damage the nail plate. Artificial nails are not damaging to the natural nail plate. The first thing is most nail salons use a dermal tool on the nail plate. That is actually not necessary to apply acrylics.

how to remove artificial nails

1.) Fill up a glass bowl with acetone nail polish remover.

2.) File the acrylic nail down to be shorter and file some of the acrylic coatings off of the top.

3.)  soak nails in the bowl of acetone for about 10 minutes. This will seem like it takes forever but it’s better to remove them correctly.

4.) Use an orange wood stick or pusher to push of the nail tip. If ready, it should just rub off.

5.) If step four is difficult, go apply acetone to cotton ball and place on the nail. Then wrap aluminum foil around that. I would say wait for another 10 to 15 minutes for the nail be softer.

6.) Try step four again. Once you have it off, be sure to apply a moisturizer. Acetone dries the skin out. You can also you a cuticle oil or nail oil to replenish moisture on the nail.

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