Meet Anthony

Meet Anthony

Meet Anthony Selover. He is 22 years old. His birthday is July 7th, 1995. We started dating on November 21st, 2017. He was born in Phoenix, Arizona. He moved to North Carolina in 2009.

He currently works as an intern at our church. As well as, a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) at a local Assisted Living Home. He’s been an intern at our church for two years. He’s Worked as a CNA for four years.

He graduated high school in June of 2013. While in High school he played football and track and field.

He graduated from his first college in December of 2016. When he graduated he did so with an associate of Science.

Now he is currently in school for Bachelors of science ministry studies. After he is finished with his Bachelors of science ministry studies, He will be going to school for his Masters of Divinity.

His Faith Story

He grew up in a Christian home but was not forced to hold any worldview.  His love of the sciences molded him into believing that there was no God and he became an atheist.  Even though he continued to go to church with his family he did not believe in God because his family went to several churches that seemed to look at his family as below them and he grew to have a distaste for those who were called Christians.  It wasn’t until his sophomore year in high school that he got involved with a local student ministry and had his eyes open to the reality of the existence of God through the love he felt from the fellow students and from the leaders in the youth group. He was baptized on March 2nd, 2012 and has continued to grow in his faith and in his love for others.  He has volunteered with the same youth ministry that brought him to Christ and has worked in that ministry as an intern for the past two years.

How we met

Anthony and I met awhile ago before actually starting dating. We met through the youth group. I was really practicing any sort of faith at that time. I was considered more agnostic.

We met via mutual friends back in 2011. I didn’t really ever get to know him. I just hung out in the same group.

Fast forward to 2017

September 2017

I got reintroduced to a now good friend via Tinder. We tried a date or two, It ended up with our schedules being total opposites and nothing ever came of it.

Well, that said friend, invited me to the college ministry because of that I started going regularly. I started getting really connected with the same group Anthony hangs out with.

October 2017

Then in October,  our group of friends started watching Stars Wars together on Sundays before the college ministry at 6 pm. One Sunday in October, Anthony invited to drive me to college night and I could leave my car at the church. Well when he asked, my response was “If you want me too.” After college ministry was over and he went to drop me off at my car. We had a two-hour conversation in our church’s parking lot. We ended up exchanging numbers.

We eventually were hanging out a lot. We started studying the Bible together on Tuesdays. He was coming to get haircuts every four weeks. We started hanging out at each others house all the time.

It was during this time that Anthony was constantly trying to get me to date him.

He asked to take me on a date with his friend, Jonathan, and Jonathan’s girlfriend, Myranda. We went to see Thor: Ragnarok after eating at Brixx’s.

I refused to call it a date until after it happened because what if it went poorly. It actually went really well. I had so much fun.

We eventually were hanging out every day.

November 2017

Then on November 21st, 2017, My friend, Richard, texted me saying he wanted Anthony’s phone number. So, I gave it to him with Anthony’s permission. He proceeded to tell Anthony that I did in fact like Anthony as much as Anthony liked me.

Meanwhile, I was clueless about the conversation being had. Anthony cornered me and said ” I know you like me too. Richard told me. I want you to be my girlfriend.”. I said “Sure.”.

That’s how Anthony and I started dating. It was really weird because I kept telling myself that I wouldn’t get into another relationship so quickly after breaking up with my ex.

Thanks for reading meet Anthony.

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