Today’s post is the Movie Review: Fate of the Furious. This movie is you run of the mill exciting fast and furious movie!. I have loved watching the franchise since 2014. I know what the fast and furious fans who have been with it since day on are thinking. You just started loving this just within the past few years?! Sorry ha ha.

Movie Review: Fate of the Furious


It is basically where Dom “betrays” his gang because he is being threatened by a villainous force. Let’s just say all ends well. There is also a reference to Bryan (The late Paul Walker R.I.P) If I write much more in the overview I will be giving away the what I am going to write about in the plot.

Movie Review: Fate of the Furious


It starts off with your usual intense race. What is a fast and furious movie without a bad ass race with Dom and another competitor? Dom and Letty are married obviously!?  Then there is Hobbs who gets mission while at his daughter’s soccer game. You will laugh your butt off at this scene. Dom is forced to betray the crew. You get kind off pissed off at Dom but when you realize his reason. You love him just as much as you have always. You get to meet Scott Eastwood’s character and he is something else. The villainous force most definitely goes way too far in who she threatens. There is also the intense scenes when the crew chases Dom. Towards the end, you see how Dom was doing his own bidding while following the rules of the villain. You also meet a new character. The end has a tribute to Bryan.

My opinion:

I loved it. I thought it was a brilliant plot. In my opinion, I could easily guess what was going to happen, unfortunately. I think the reason I could figure it out so easily was because I understand exactly who Vin Diesel’s character is at this point. The movie was intense and I loved it.

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