Period tips + FQA’s

*This is a sponsored blog post. I am partnered with Knixwear whose subbrand is knixteen. A sponsored post means I was paid to place their product in my post. I would never post about something that does not align with my brand.*

*Also I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or anything related to the medical field. Use caution with applying these tips. Always consult with your primary care physician before taking any supplements or doing anything listed below*

I like to help women know how to take care of themselves. It is in my nature to help others. This has all of my tips and tricks for helping women with their periods.

  1. Get enough calcium intake: Drink milk, take a supplement in order to get the necessary items required. I have realized over the years that having enough calcium in your diet helps ease period cramps. It also helps prevent osteoarthritis in your older age which is common in women as they get older.
  2. Collection methods: There are more than just Pads and Tampons at your disposal. There are Tampons and Pads (Vary sizes depending on flow), Diva Cups (Size depends on age), organic types of blood collection methods like sea sponge tampons, reusable cloth pads
  3. Knixwear: Whether you’re 12 and just got your period or you 45 and have had it for years. They have something for you if you’re a teen, they have knixteen or if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s knixwear. The good thing about Knixteen is that it is designed to help prevent embarrassing leaks. Has odor crushing technology. As well as having lycra material which wicks away moisture and dries quickly.
  4. Heat pad: Heats always helps my cramps. If I get chills at all, I get period cramps. So, if you get cramps, go ahead and get out that heating pad. I always make sure to have a jacket with me as well.
  5. Take painkiller: painkiller lasts for a very long time. It soothes the pain.
  6. Have a snack: Make sure it kind of healthy. I like grapes, strawberries, etc


  1. When will I start my period? ~ Every girl is different. The earliest age girls can start is 9/10. The best bet is to ask your mother.
  2. What signs should I look for? ~ Budding breasts, Underarm hair, leg hair and discharge are all signs your about to start your period.
  3. How often will I get my period? ~ At first it will be irregular but, it will normalize over time.
  4.  Can anyone tell when I have my period? ~ Not unless you tell people.
  5.  How long do periods last? ~ two to seven days
  6.  What does a period look like? ~The lining of the uterus is rich with blood. So, the color of your menstrual flow will be pink, red or brown. The flow will likely be thick, lumpy or runny.
  7.  How much will I bleed? ~ approximately four to six teaspoons of blood. It will feel like a lot more.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading about Period tips + FAQ’s.

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*This is a sponsored post. I am partnered with Knixwear whose subbrand is knixteen.*

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