Today’s post is the key to great legs. I am not talking how to exercise your way to great legs.However, I am talking beauty ways to nice legs. It’s spring turning to summer in the coming weeks so let spring clean those legs!

Step one: Foaming shower gel

Go ahead and start by cleansing the skin with a shower gel or foam. Make sure your skin is free of dirt and sweat. I love using the Rituals foaming shower gel. I have a review on it here!


Step two: Exfoliate

The key to great legs

If you want to achieve gorgeously smooth legs. Exfoliation is a must! I use a coffee scrub or a sugar scrub. Dry brushing works too! Also, If you want to know more about dry brushing, I suggest checking out this post from the skinny confidential. Always exfoliate before shaving.

Step Three: Shave

If you want smooth, great legs. I wholeheartedly recommend shaving or waxing. As well as just enjoying the feeling of hoping into bed with clean sheets and shaved legs.

Step Four: lotion

I suggest a gradual tan lotion like Jergens. I use the medium to tan lotion. Also, I love self-tanner so much. A gradual tanner like Jergens is great to maintaining moisture while still keeping a glow. The gradual tan lotion is a highly raved about product and has been for awhile.

Step Five: Pedicure

Finally, a good pedicure is a good measure for pretty legs. I also go for a classic white, blush or red. I never stray far from that. As well as, never get a pedicure after self-tanning.

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