Things You Don’t Know about Me

  1. I was born in Conneticuit.
  2. My mom slipped on ice when she was pregnant with me
  3. My mom climbed a mountian whle pregnent with me.
  4. I lived in Naples, Italy.
  5. My ex-boyfriend and I’s relationship had been strained and barely holding together for at least 7 months before we officially called it quits. I am so much more since ending that relationship.
  6. Even though, I am in cosmetology. I have other interest like Business, Markeing and Photography.
  7. I am in my last semester of school for cosmetolgy. Although a lot of it has been really fun. There have been plenty of times where I just wanted to quit.
  8. Although Anthony and I officially started dating on November 21st. We were always together and very much acted like we were dating for weeks before we started dating.
  9. Anthony and I have already discussed marriage.
  10. I was agnostic before being baptized in my church. (Agnostic: You believe in a higher being but don’t classify under a religion.)
  11. I grew up in the catholic church. If I hadn’t started going to a baptist church, I would’ve never stepped foot in another church once I turned 18.
  12. I used to have a desire to be an author. Ever since being in college, I haven’t had the same motivation or inspiration.
  13. I am going on a mission trip to Catacocha, Ecuador.

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