Hey, Everyone, this is what I’ve learned in two years of writing on Cara Lynn’s blog aka Caralynn.co

  1. You have your own writing style. You can’t copy someone else’s writing style. Well, you can but you’re not going to gain traction like that. What I mean is that when you receive traction on your blog you aren’t going to be your “true” self. You are putting up a wall between yourself and your readers.
  2. Always take your own photos. It may be more work for you but I as a reader don’t like seeing the same photo on 5 different lifestyle blogs. It’ll take practice to get the editing and photo taking process down to a tee.
  3. Always be transparent when working with Brands. I haven’t had a problem with being transparent but I’ve seen others called out for transparency issues. I like to put the word ad, advertisement or sponsored or the sorts. I always put that I make commission off of links when there are links like that.
  4. Never use bots, buy fake followers, likes, or engagement. It makes you look bad. You lose your credibility with followers and brands. Other bloggers will look down upon you.
  5. Keep an editorial calendar. It will help you stay organized. I try to always keep myself organized in blogging, life, school, etc. I love the ability to schedule post. I always try to schedule my post for 7 am east coast time. That way it is accessible during key times like evening for the UK, morning commute for New York, etc.
  6. List, List, List. I can not stress this enough. Make a giant list the night before. Then go and pick out 3 to 5 key things you want to get done. That way your mind is clear and ready to rest.

Thank you for all of the support in the last two years. It has made me feel so good to have this type of network of people.

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