I had an awesome trip to Vacation at Lake Norman which is outside of Charlotte. You’ll know I stayed in AirBnB. I have a Vacation House review/just casual letting you know about it. You can read it here. We stayed there from Thursday, July 6th  til Sunday, July 9th. It was mere feet from the lake. It had a dock to watch the most amazing sunsets and sunrises from.


I had to go to school before I headed up to the AirBnB. So I left for the lake house around 11 am. Eventually, I stopped in Laurinburg to get Arby’s and gas. I got a french dip and curly fries from Arby’s. Then I got gas from the Speedway (I think that’s the name of the gas station). Then continued on my way at that point I had about 2 hours til I got to Lake Norman. I got to the Lakehouse around 3:30 pm. My dad and his girlfriend, Michelle, weren’t going to arrive until 4:30 pm. So, I put my stuff inside and locked up the Lakehouse and went to Halo nails right down the road. Halo nails were approximately 5 to 10 minutes drive from the AirBnB. I got a red gel polish application. The polish color was called Dutch Tulips. When I got back my dad and Michelle had just pulled in. We went to dinner at Lineberger. I got a Filet Mignon with fries. After eating dinner, My dad and I went kayaking.


Friday morning, I woke up. Michelle cooked breakfast. The breakfast consisted of sausage and eggs with yoohoo to drink. Afterward, we hung out around the Airbnb. Then sometime around 12:25 pm, I headed to Bradley’s house. I got there at 1:00 pm. I ate macaroni and cheese. Bradley and I spent quality time like normal. Then around 2:50 pm, I headed to the Sheetz near Bradley’s house. The interesting and super nice thing was a man in line in front of me kindly paid for my food. I was and still am so thankful. I got a mozzarella burger, macaroni and cheese bites and, a frozen hot chocolate. (I know that’s the irony I’ve been told.) I got back to learn the motor on my dad’s boat wasn’t starting.  Well luckily the super nice woman that owns the lake house, let us borrow her boat. Later we went to a “convenience store” It was more of a mini grocery store. We got T-bone steaks and corn. My dad and Michelle cooked the steak and corn. It was so good. Bradley came over to the Friday after he got off of work!


Saturday morning,  Michelle cooked us some eggs with bacon and toast. We watched tv while eating.  Then my dad and the lady who owns the Airbnb went out to start working on the boat to make sure it ran correctly. It took about an hour or hour and a half. Around 12 pm, Bradley, My dad, Michelle and I were in the boat on the way to a place called the landing. We got sodas and such from the landing. Then we got back to the Airbnb because Bradley had to leave and go to work. After a little refresher, we went back out on the boat. We were on the boat from 2:30 pm to 4:45 pm. I got a really bad sunburn. Afterward, my dad placed an order for pick up at  Big Daddy’s of Lake Norman. When we left it started raining really bad. We got Bradley a little daddy’s seafood platter. It had fish, clam strips, oysters, and scallops. Michelle got chicken alfredo. My dad got a seafood platter as well. Then I got what’s called seafood alfredo, It’s really just scallops and shrimp alfredo. As my side, I got clam chowder. It was really good. Then after we all ate, we watched a home renovation show. Then we watched wonder woman. It was so good. Chris Pine and Gal Gadot were so good in this movie. I literally feel in love with Chris Pine’s character. Bradley and I fell asleep sometime after the movie ( Basically Bradley fell asleep during wonder woman then woke up in the last fourth of the movie.)


We got up around 11 am. We were checking out of the Airbnb. We left around 1 pm. I got home around 5:45 pm. The first part of the drive sucked. It was so boring. The radio station was playing the same eight songs over and over. I left from Lake Norman and took 74/76. You drive through literally nowhere. During the drive, I keep thinking if I had taken I-40 at least I would see actually cities and cars. The issue with I-40 it’s an extra 30 to 40 minutes onto my drive and that doesn’t count traffic. Well, I was in my last 45 minutes and hit such bad rain. People had their hazard lights on and were driving at least 10 under if not more. That’s what really added the time to my trip. When I got home, I was so tired from sitting for over 4 hours. I ate and relaxed.

Update: It is Thursday, July 13th, 2017. I have sunburn still. Monday, it stung so badly and I had to take Ibephron for pain. Tuesday, just red and painlessly. Wednesday, it has some tiny blisters and is peeling. Thursday, peeling worst than Wednesday. In case people are wondering, Yes I am staying hydrated and staying out of the sun. I also am applying lotion morning and night to help it skin repair itself. NOTE: I did use sunscreen and still burned.

I hope you enjoyed an overview of my Vacation at Lake Norman.

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