Valentine’s day gifts for him

Valentine’s day gifts for him

So this is my Valentine’s day gifts for him post. This should hopefully include something for every guy. At least that is my hope for this post.

Valentine's day gifts for him

Headphones: Whether they at for Xbox, PlayStation or just regular music listening. I would opt for a pair of turtle beaches they are known for their good sound quality. They are comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. They start to hurt my head over time but I think Bradley has stretched his to were they bother me.

Diecast cars: I buy Bradley diecast cars like hotwheels mustangs. As well as the large scale ones. He collects all things mustang. His favorite year is the 1969 mustang. He has a very extensive collection ranging from small diecast to large posters.

Bluetooth speaker: My boyfriend has more than one. He has the one that looks like the front end of a car, his powerful portable one and this cheapo one. He loves them for listening to music.

Shoes: Men loves shoes whether they love supras like Bradley or work boots like my brother. Shoes are a good choice for men. I always buy Bradley’s shoes from Rue21. He loves how they fit, that they are comfortable and trendy. They also look so good on him too!

Video games: Listen to your man. If he mentions a game he wants, buy it as a gift. He’ll appreciate the thought and the fact that you actually listened to what he was saying. I’m considering buying Bradley diablo. That’s a game we can play together. A very good way to spend time!

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Valentine’s day gifts for her

Valentine’s day gifts for her

This is my Valentine’s day gifts for her post. This will have all of my recommendations for gifts for every woman. Although this will anything from workout gear to a new pair of headphones.

Valentine's day gift for her

Headphones: these headphones have great sound quality. Besides amazing sound quality they also come in a lot of colors.

Swimsuit: Summer’s coming so why not take her to pick out a Victoria’s Secret bikini.

workout outfit: take her to kohls or target or Victoria’s Secret. Then get her some clothes and go to the gym or on a walk.

phone case: get her a selfie light case or a charging case. I have one of each the light case is really helpful if it’s dark and you need a lot of light. The phone is great becuase I kill my phone battery everyday.

soft box lights: if she’s into photography get her studio lights. They help take amazing product shots. They are super bright too!

camera lens: depending on what camera she has get her a new lens! I have a canon so my dad was kind enough to buy me the 1.4f 60mm lens.

Bath bombs, body scrubs: This is a great idea for pampering and relaxation for your lady. I know when my boyfriend gets me bath bombs and stuff of that nature I really appreciate it!

Makeup: Listen to and pay attention to what they want and by themselves.

Gift cards: Gift cards are a good alternative it you have NO IDEA what to get here. She will appreciate it.

Go take your girl to the mall and let her pick out some stuff!

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Loreal lipstick review

Loreal Lipstick Review

loreal lipstick review

Today’s post is a Loreal lipstick review. It is Julianne’s nude. There are so many good things to say about this lipstick. The packaging is so nice. The black with the gold accents. This is lipstick is apart of a collection of lipsticks inspired by other celebrities.

This lipstick is one my favorites in my collection of lipsticks.

Loreal lipstick review

The color is a very light pink.The texture is smooth and creamy. It is very moisturizing and nurishing for the lips. The color pay off is a amazing and so rich in color. While the packaging is sturdy and definitly not your run of the mill cheap packaging. It reminds me of a YSL lip color. The price is more than lets say a maybelline lipstick. They do not have as many shades as I would like. I am also not sure if the brand is cruelty-free. I am not vegan but I try to use cruelty-free products when I can.


  • Good color pay off
  • great packaging
  • Texture is amazing


  • Price
  • Unsure if its cruelty-free

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Mine and bradley’s relationship timeline

This is mine and Bradley’s relationship timeline. This will have little stories and big stories about our relationship. Mine and Bradley’s relationship timeline is going to give insight and little bit of humor that isn’t normally here.

Our Story

A day in durham

May 25th, 2015:

This is the day Bradley spoke more than five words to me. I have an entire post about how we met on my blog. You can check that out here!

July 12th, 2015

We hung out at my house. This is the first time we had hung out. We had been facetiming and texting all the time prior to this. He was wearing a red hat, blue cut off sleeved shirt and camo shorts. I for whatever reason hugged him as my way of greeting him. we hung out for about 2 hours and then he went to his house to pack for his trip to Maine.

July 13th, 2015:

We hung out again that day. We went to Starbucks which was awesome. We also had some weird guy pull up next to us and ask me if we knew mustang week was the week before.

July 26th, 2015:

He came back from his trip to Maine. He came over to my house. He was supposed to eat dinner at my house but his mom made him order a sandwich from Hardee’s. Then after I ate dinner. We went to britt’s donuts for like a little date.

Bradley and cara at the beach cara lynn blog

July 27th, 2015:

Bradley asked me to be his girlfriend. he did so on facetime at like 12:30 am. He was so nervous about it.

January 9th, 2016:

We went to Raliegh to celebrate Bradley’s birthday the next day. We were originally going to go to cheesecake factory but, it was insanely crowded and there was a two-hour wait. We went to Bradley’s grandma’s house outside of Raliegh. Then we went to the crabtree mall. We ended up eating at PF Chang’s. It was really good. We also did a lot of shopping.

January 27th, 2016:

Bradley forgot it was our 6th months. Instead, he drove to Goldsboro to get a nice hood. I was livid about that.

July 24th, 2016:

We went to Raliegh for our one-year anniversary/ my 19th birthday. We went to the crabtree mall. We ate at PF Chang’s which was again very good. Then we went inside the mall and went shopping. Bradley spent quite a bit of money on me due to my birthday and our anniversary is a mere four days apart. Then he bought me a piece of raspberry lemon cheesecake. I really had so much fun and appreciated how he planned everything at the last minute.

January 10th, 2017:

Bradley moved up to Charlotte. I was kind of sad because he’s no longer 15 minutes away. He’s four and a half hours away.

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How to survive long distance

How to survive long distance

If you’re new here then hello, my boyfriend who is most of the time the man behind the camera AKA the photographer, is now living in Charlotte. Also, This means our relationship is long distance. Although, It may not be extremely long distance but there is definitely. He is going to school over there while I’m taking cosmetology courses where I live.

  1. Texting: This is going to be your best friend. That being said prior to Bradley moving we didn’t text much. We now text constantly. We usually complain about boring things in class, missing each other and, planning when we’ll see each other.
  2. Facetime/skype: This is a god sent. We facetime every night after he gets back from his night classes at the college. I have morning cosmetology class. That means I’m in a class about 8:30 or 9:00 am every Monday through Friday. While Bradley’s in his evening classes from 1:30 to 8:00 pm.
  3. Phone calls: this is good for me because I can call him while I’m at lunch from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. He’s usually starting to get ready for school around then.
  4. Snapchat: We can send snaps about what we are doing during the day as it’s happening. Usually, I am just showing him what styles I have done on the mannequin heads. Recently it’s been corn rows and braids.
  5. Planning: Planing is key for it to work. Plan when you both have time to spend together. Take turns with the traveling. For example, I killed two birds with one stone last weekend (January 13th through January 16th) I drove three and a half hours to Columbia, Sc to visit my dad while I was there Bradley drove an hour and a half to see me. It was perfect because he didn’t start school until January 17th. While I had til Wednesday off.
  6. Photos: This is Bradley’s suggestion. He said to keep legit photos with you. He also said to put them as your screensaver/background.
  7. Gifts: This was also a suggestion from Bradley. Send him or her surprise gifts. You can send them their favorite chocolate or candy. Send them little trinkets that relate to an inside joke.

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How Bradley and I met

* Note: I am using legit names but, no last names.*

How Bradley and I met

Bradley and cara at the beach cara lynn blog

So this post is going to be about how Bradley and I met originally.

My brother, Hunter, joined the sea cadets back in September of 2014. Looking back that is a very long time ago. Well as the supportive older sister ( Who was forced to go to all of those functions) I went to all of those functions. I went to the first sea cadet function in October 2014. It was boring. I noticed Bradley only because he was wearing the wrong uniform.

The I saw him again in February 2015, It was yet another sea cadet function I was most definitely dragged too. He was constantly teasing and arguing with this other girl.

Then I was dragged to the Sea Cadet quarter auction in may 2015. This time I got Bradley’s name. This is where all this is important/funny things happened. I was hanging out after helping set up the auction room. I was eating chick fil a and I decided to share the rest of my fries with Bradley. Later, apparently, he mentioned that “I was hot.” to his friends. Therefore my brother, Hunter, and his friend Falino decided that since he wouldn’t ask for my number that they would ask if it was okay if he received it from them. I told them to inform him to get it himself. Instead, his other friend, Zac, decided to try to get it “for him”. The reason I put it in the quotation is because Bradley would’ve never received the number if I had given it to Zac. I told Zac to tell Bradley that he would have to get it himself.

Later on, I told hunter to just give him my number because he seemed so nervous.

And that’s how Bradley and I met.

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Nude flats and beige sweater

Nude flats and beige sweater

Today’s another outfit post. I am showing how I would style nude and light color flats and sweaters.


nude flats and beige sweater

This is my one outfit photo. There were other photos but my SD card became corrupt. The shoes are from Rue21. The sweater is also from Rue21. The beige pink bag is from BP at Nordstrom. The jeans are from Levi.

These were taken quite some time ago but I lost the SD card that they were on. Then I of course found it so I tried to find any and all photos that were taken. I came to learn that a file on it was corrupt and it had most of these photos on in it. If I can find the photos, I will add them to this post. As well as, post them on twitter or Instagram.

I will be posting more frequently in the coming weeks. There has been some transitions going on like Bradley moving to Charlotte to go to school. Then I am going back to school for cosmetology. Unfortunately for my website and fortunately for me, I will be moving to Charlotte next January. The post will be different for the next year and a half due to all the moving and transitioning.

Also I will be taking clients for cosmetology soon so I will post about it. As well as, posting progression photos of my start in cosmetology to when I get out of school. It will be fun. I will have a page on this website showing my work!

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Life update | Jan 2017

So I am giving everyone a life update…

This month I have started eating healthy. I have kind of scale down of the coffee especially Starbucks (It’s bad for my wallet). I have started cosmetology at my local community college. I have been so eager for this. HUGE thanks to my mom for pushing me to actually sign up for the classes. As well as a thank you to my dad and his girlfriend for somehow making money appear out of thin air when I gave them less than a weeks notice about needing to pay for the classes and the cosmetology kit. They really pulled strings to get the money.

I had my first day today (AKA Thursday, January 5th, 2017) It was interesting. I am super excited to receive the kit Friday or Monday. Although classes may be canceled due to the weather. Hopefully not…


Lancome Juicy shaker review

Lancome Juicy Shaker Review

This a Lancome juicy shaker review. The color of the Juicy shaker is the cherry symphony. Although it is expensive it is very nice to use. The color payoff is very good. Then the ingredients are so luxurious and lush. The oils they put in this product feel great of the lips. Also, the packaging is so nice. It is tiny enough to put in a clutch bag. Finally, the smell is so yummy. Although, the only downfall is it isn’t long lasting.


  • Smells amazing! This one smells like cherry.
  • The product feels like butter on the lips. It has so many different oils.
  • The product isn’t sticky like a lip gloss. I hate lip glosses normally.
  • The color is great. A nice bright red color.


  • It is expensive at about $25.
  • It’s not super long lasting. That is the major issue for me.

Final judgement

The product is very good for the price tag. As well as it being a generally good product, what catches my attention is the feel of it on the lips. Although it is about $25  a pop, it has great color payoff. Also, the payoff can be as opaque as you want. I just think is is worth the $25. Finally, the juicy shaker has to be one of my most used lip products. Honestly, I wish I had them all.

Social media links and question!

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New Year 2017

2016 is over…the new year 2017 has begun.

What can I say about it? I was in college for one year. I skipped a semester of college this past fall 2016 semester. I worked as a server at a restaurant ( I will not mention the name out of respect for the managers and my boyfriend) ( but you can find out what restaurant it is if you decide to stalk hard enough). I stopped working at said restaurant. That was most definitely one of the best things that happened in 2016. I lost friends that weren’t truly my friends. Out with the bad and in with the good. I became friends with Alice from daintyalice,  Severina from sweet strawberries, and much more. I became apart of the blogging community. I started working for a much better place. The managers are great. I became closer to my boyfriend. We no longer argue as much. We have really pushed boundaries, tested each other and are now on way better terms. We have started planning for the next year or two.

Now here comes the new year 2017…

This year is the year of productivity, organization, and motivation. I am going to make sure my health and wellness are taken care. I am going to be organized. My cosmetology certificate will be earned by December 2017. I will put my all into my blog and youtube channel to let it flourish and grow. I want to become more of a social media influencer. I want to turn my blog into a business. If I love something and I can make money from it…Is it really a job? I am going to get my butt into gear and make 2017 the best year possible. This year is the year of growth.

(This year is not the year I will TRY to achieve stuff. This is THE year I WILL achieve whatever I put my mind too)

This year…

I will become healthier

I will become stronger

I will create an online presence

I will create my business

I will grow in my faith

I will improve my relationships

I will focus on the important things

I will motivate myself to do whatever I have to

New Year 2017 Resolutions and Goals

  1. Grow my social media following.
  2. Complete cosmetology school.
  3. Use my time efficiently
  4. increase the amount I go to the gym
  5. Eat better
  6. Make my hobby a business