A day in my life on Thursday

So on a normal day which I am writing about Today (AKA Thursday April 7th,2016) I start by waking up between 6am and 7:30am. Here is a day in my life.

During this time I am either sleeping or just waking up. Today I woke up at 7:30am to take my younger brother, Hunter, to school. He has to be at school by 8:30am. He likes to be at school between 8am and 8:15am. Today I had to get hunter to school at 8am so I could get ready for my public speaking class.

I’m usually at the college around 9:15am sometimes a little earlier than that. I go to the college for public speaking. The class is actually very fun. I also heard if you take it at a community college it can be easier. Today I had a speech and ended up making an A.

cara lynn healthy smoothie

Then after class I go home to work on school like my public speaking and English class. I use that time to also work on my blog as well as other things like cleaning my room or playing with my dog,Willow.

planner tip college cara lynn blog

Then about 3pm, I go to pick up my brother from school. Luckily he was picked up by my dad who happened to be in town working.

Then around 4pm, depending on the situation, I call Bradley to see if we are hanging out. Some Thursdays we hang out some we do not. It really depends on whether he has test coming the next day. I don’t really have to worry much about my schooling due to the fact most of my classes are online.

But as for this past Thursday, we didn’t hang out because Bradley was working.

5:30pm, My mom and I went to target so she could find a baby shower gift for her supervisor. Then we went to Lifeway christian book stores.

About 7:15pm, we went to the restaurant where Bradley and I work. I have bacon cheese fries and my mom had the varsity burger. It was so good.

Then about 8:30pm, I took a nap from eating too much.

By 10pm, I’m at home with a fresh, clean face. Continuously working on a new blog post, scheduling tweets and other blog related things. I’m also usually on Facetime with Bradley.

Then 12am and 2am, I’m in cozily in bed asleep. Last night I was asleep by 12:30am.

Sorry if this wasn’t very interesting…Maybe I’ll do “What I do in a day” vlogging/blogging over the summer when I actually do stuff like visit my family in New York or traveling. If you enjoyed this please comment, share on social medias such as facebook, etc.

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Mango Watermelon Smoothie

Today’s post is a Mango watermelon smoothie recipe. I just came up with this recipe recently because I had limited fruit in my refrigerator. So here is the mango watermelon smoothie recipe.

  • Nice splash of apple cider vinegar
  • Nice splash of lemon juice (preferably fresh lemon juice)
  • A little orange extract (I used this as I didn’t have any oranges)
  • Frozen cubed mango (You can use fresh mango but I didn’t have that)
  • Fresh cubed watermelon
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • a good amount of Greek yogurt
  • A little water

cara lynn healthy smoothie

I was lacking fresh fruits so I made do and it actually tasted good. Also if your concerned about the apple cider vinegar…You can smell it but nor taste it.

I first get out all of the ingredients such as the apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, etc.  I put in the Greek yogurt in the blender. Then I put the frozen mangoes in the blender. I put the cubed watermelon in after the mango. Then I put in a dash of cinnamon. Then a splash of apple cider vinegar. The a little lemon juice and some water.

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Tips to be healthy


Well for starters, I love fitness and health. I love trying out healthy recipes and new workouts. I love working out in my home, riding bikes and walking on the beach. So here are some of my tips to be healthy and therefore happy.

Cara Lynn be healthy

1. You should eat as clean as possible. That means fruits, veggies and protein. As well as some sweets once in a while.

2. Make a workout schedule. Plan different workouts during the week. Go on Pinterest and we heart it and find leg workouts etc. ride bikes, walk, lift weights.


3. Do meal preparation. This makes life so much easier. Pre cook chicken and make a salad etc. I always try to do this because after school I am famished and will grab whatever is in arms reach.

4. Don’t get bummed if you “mess up” you didn’t mess up you ate something that wasn’t that healthy. Just go and eat a lovely salad for your next meal. It’s fine do not beat yourself up over some cookies.

5. Listen to your body. You may feel hungry but you’re probably thirsty. You may have exercised Monday but you’re so sore that you skip Tuesday that’s good you listened to your body and just continue being healthy and eating right and you’ll be fine in the end.

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-Cara 💋

Hunter’s birthday!

So Monday was Hunter’s birthday. If you don’t know hunter is my younger brother. If I refer to Hunter as Joseph, it’s because Joseph is Hunter’s first name.


He went to school like any other 10th grader. Afterwards I picked him up from school. I took him to my dad’s neighbor’s house. They are pretty much our grandparents. They love celebrating birthdays like Hunter’s birthday and my birthday.

So when we went over there, we helped them clean some of the tables we were going to be using for hunter’s birthday. The reason we had to clean the tables is because the pollen had collected on them.

After that I helped set up for hunter’s birthday. We had a banner and plates that said happy birthday.

Hunter's birthday cara lynn

Hunter's birthday cara lynn blog

Hunter wanted to cook hamburgers and build a fire in the fire pit. He built a fire…It started to get extremely warm. The hamburgers started smelling so good after a few minutes.

Hunter's birthday cara lynn blog

Hunter's birthday cara lynn blog

Hunter's birthday cara lynn blog

My hamburger was so so so good. It was heavenly. I put potato chips on my hamburger because it taste so freaking good. I don’t like onions, mayo, mustard, etc. Here’s what it looked like!

Hunter's birthday cara lynn blog

Then we sung happy birthday to hunter and ate ice cream cake. The ice cream cake was really good as well. Hunter really enjoyed it. Here’s a look at the ice cream cake!

After eating cake, we had hunter open some of Hunter’s birthday presents. He only had one to open on m\Monday because the other has to be ordered.

Hunter's birthday cara lynn blog

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Top tips for college students

So here are my tips for college students. I know that your money is tight as a college student and you probably want to quickly retain the necessary information.

1.) Highlight important information. Please don’t highlight the entire page…that defeats the purpose.

2.) Actually read the readings. Or you can use sparknotes or whatever other website similar to that. (I do not encourage this but I have done it…)

3.) Get free makeup samples at Sephora. This not only saves you money but you can figure out which products you like and which you don’t before buying the product.

4.) Get free samples from websites that are offering them. You get to try out new products as well as save yourself a couple bucks.

5.) Take 10% of your paychecks and put it in a savings account. You can eventually buy something large with that saved money.

6.) If you live in state as well as go to college close to home. LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS OR A FAMILY MEMBER. It will save you money.

7.) Study for about 30 minutes for each class everyday. This way you don’t have to cram the night before a test.

8.) Buy stuff that is on sale from places like clothes mentor and tjmaxx. This way you can buy cute items for wayyyyy less. I buy cute notebooks with sayings on them for like $5.

9.) Use a planner. It will help you know what you have to do for the day.

planner tip college cara lynn blog


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Voxbox From Influenster

Hey guys!

Today’s post is the Vobox. I received this from Influenster for free for testing purposes. The packaging was cute. It says Influenster on it and is turquoise.


The first thing I saw when I opened the box was Snickers Crispers. It was so so good. The puffed rice was a great touch. I would definitely buy the Snickers bar again. Although I don’t know where I can buy another. (If you know where let me know in the comments!)


Then I tried the NYC lip and cheek tint by Demi Lovato. I got Cheeky Pink. My only two issues were that it made my lips really really dry. Also I couldn’t use such a bubblegum pink on my cheeks without looking a bit odd. Also when blending it out on my cheeks, it left streaks. As for a lip color, it was pretty good. It was buildable so if I wanted a very bright lip, I could add more. I advise you to moisturize your lips before wearing this.


In the box was the Sweetspot Labs to-go wipettes. The smells I got were the mandarin and vanilla blossom ones. The mandarin one in my opinion didn’t smell like mandarin. It did make me feel cleaner than I was before using it. The vanilla blossom one smelt amazing. It was that disgusting vanilla smell. It was a gentle vanilla smell which I really enjoyed using.



Next was the Yogi tea. In my opinion the Green tea blueberry Slim Life one didn’t taste good. In my opinion it had no flavor or tasted like plain green tea. The Green tea kombucha was much better. It tasted like plain green tea like I was expecting.



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Easter weekend

Hey guys!

I spent Easter weekend with my Boyfriend and his family. My mom and little brother, Hunter, went to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit family. Obviously I will go to Charlotte next time they go.

cara lynn blog easter weekend

Friday I waited for Bradley to get out of school and pick me up…No my car didn’t break down like it does sometimes. My mom just asked Bradley to pick me up and drop me off because she didn’t want something to happen to my car while my dad and mom were in Charlotte. My dad was there because he wanted to visit Hunter and I (If I had been there). So Bradley and I hung out and did whatever on Friday. Well actually Bradley’s mom and I went to Britt’s donuts on Carolina beach. Then on our way back we got pizza.


On Saturday, Bradley took me on a cute little date. First we went to target to find some pants for Bradley…That wasn’t part of the date. We went to go play mini golf at jungle rapids which happens to be inhabited by a multitude of children on Saturdays. I ended up winning by 3 points…HEHE! Then we went to Olive Garden for dinner. I had fettuccine Alfredo. While Bradley had Fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp.

On Sunday, We went to church at 11am. Then we got back to his house. We opened Easter boxes from his mom. The box was huge. It was filled to the brim with candy. Bradley got me a peep plush. While my mom made an Easter basket with cotton candy, peeps (because I’m obsessed with them, peep plush, and beef jerky. My dad made Hunter and I an Easter gift bag. It was filled with candy like sour starburst jelly beans, chocolate cover marshmallow eggs, and plenty of other candy. The we ate Easter dinner with Bradley’s mom and dad.

Easter weekend


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Downtown With Bradley

So recently I went downtown with Bradley. I love going Downtown for a multitude of reasons such as for photography for my blog post, the many restaurants and the sceneary. Of course the beach is nice for blog photos too but downtown is convenient because we don’t have to park and walk fifty miles. We park, I change and then walk a little distance to the location.

Patterned shorts and heels downtown cara lynn blog

Black heels downtown cara lynn blog

walking patterned skirt downtown cara lynn blog

Shirt: Forever21 (Similar) | Shorts: Missimo (Similar)| Heels: Apt. 9 (Similar) | Purse: Forever21 (Similar)

So I wore these patterned shorts and black shirt withe lace trim. These heels are from kohl’s and they are extremely comfortable. There are also on sale for $35. Also they are limited quantity so If you want them order them soon. Which makes them a steal for how much I love them. The purse it from forever21 for about $30. It is an amazing purse. It can hold a lot of weight without breaking or ripping.

I hope you enjoyed this. I know I had a blast with Bradley taking these photos. If you’d like you can peek at my daily life on Snapchat: @caralynn97. If you want you can follow me on Instagram (Please turn on my notifications), Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest! You should also share this if you found it useful in anyway!

Photo Credit: Bradley Allen ( BRAD’S INSTAGRAM)

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TOMS Wish List

Here is my TOMS Wish List. These are the super cute items from TOMS that I am completely lusting over! I hope to get at least one of these items soon!

1.) White black canvas vintage tile women’s classics


2.) Sandstorm Leather Leila Women’s Booties


3.) Black Leather Women’s Zoe Sandels


4.) Blythe Shiney Gold


5.) Charlie rae matte black


6.) Chelsea Black Grey Grain


Thank you so much for reading about what I want. This is by no means sponsored in anyway. I just went I online and decided I wanted these things and was like let’s post about it. If you want you can follow me on Snapchat: @caralynn97. You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I would love it if you liked my Facebook page because I want to get to 100 likes on there!

Beach Days!

So today we went to the beach on Saturday. It was a nice warm slightly rainy day. Our beach days are so much fun. I really enjoy spending relaxing time with Bradley. Here is a sneak peak into what I would wear on beach days with Bradley!

Long black dress cara lynn blog

| Dress: Old (Similar here and here)|

For this dress, I picked black because it pretty timeless. I don’t think this will go out of style. The materiel is light weight and prefect for the summer. I wear this and receive so many compliments. This type of dress will work with most if not all body types.

at the beach in a short dress cara lynn blog

|Dress: old (Similar here and here)|

This dress is one of my favorites. I love the geometric/Aztec inspired print. It is a black and white print so it works for other occasions besides the beach. One occasion is church. It set me apart from what the normal look would be. I think anyone can pull of a print like this!

Bradley and cara at the beach cara lynn blog


So to get the pictures you are seeing. I had to get in so really cold water. It was a nice warm day but the water wasn’t nice and warm. On the bright side, Two kind older women took the photo of Bradley and I.