Movie Review: Fate of the Furious

Today’s post is the Movie Review: Fate of the Furious. This movie is you run of the mill exciting fast and furious movie!. I have loved watching the franchise since 2014. I know what the fast and furious fans who have been with it since day on are thinking. You just started loving this just within the past few years?! Sorry ha ha.

Movie Review: Fate of the Furious


It is basically where Dom “betrays” his gang because he is being threatened by a villainous force. Let’s just say all ends well. There is also a reference to Bryan (The late Paul Walker R.I.P) If I write much more in the overview I will be giving away the what I am going to write about in the plot.

Movie Review: Fate of the Furious


It starts off with your usual intense race. What is a fast and furious movie without a bad ass race with Dom and another competitor? Dom and Letty are married obviously!?  Then there is Hobbs who gets mission while at his daughter’s soccer game. You will laugh your butt off at this scene. Dom is forced to betray the crew. You get kind off pissed off at Dom but when you realize his reason. You love him just as much as you have always. You get to meet Scott Eastwood’s character and he is something else. The villainous force most definitely goes way too far in who she threatens. There is also the intense scenes when the crew chases Dom. Towards the end, you see how Dom was doing his own bidding while following the rules of the villain. You also meet a new character. The end has a tribute to Bryan.

My opinion:

I loved it. I thought it was a brilliant plot. In my opinion, I could easily guess what was going to happen, unfortunately. I think the reason I could figure it out so easily was because I understand exactly who Vin Diesel’s character is at this point. The movie was intense and I loved it.

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Rituals Foaming Shower Gel Review

Today’s post is a Rituals foaming Shower Gel Review. This review will consist of some of the following categories such as Consistency, Price, Scent, and quality. The particular product I’m reviewing is the Yogi Flow. I received this product complimentary from Rituals. All opinions are my own.

Rituals Foaming Shower Gel Review

Quick Overview of product:

Our Yogi Flow shower foam combines the wonderful, delicate scent of Indian Rose and moisturizing Sweet Almond Oil; allowing your skin to experience and enjoy the ayurvedic ritual every day.

Simply squeeze a small amount of gel into your palm, massage it into your skin and watch it transform into a rich, creamy, moisturizing foam. Lasts up to 50 showers (depending on how much you use it!)

Complete your Ayurvedic ritual with the same fragrance in our Honey Touch body cream and Chakra body oil.

Insider’s tip: Shower or bathe with warming almond oil to expel the cold.


The yogi Flow is a rose and almond scent that is heavenly. I like to shower at night so I use this one to be part of my relaxing shower routine. The scent of sweet almond is lighter and almost overpowered by the rose scent.

The feeling of the shower gel is intense. You spray/pump it out of the aluminum bottle. It starts as a gel then when you rub your hands or the loofah on the skin, it expands into a foam. The product feels luxurious and beautiful.

The package is cute. It comes in a red bottle. I have literally dropped it so many times so don’t worry about busting it.

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Beginner’s cosmetology

Today’s post is a post about beginners cosmetology. I will be giving pointers, pros, and cons, etc. Cosmetology is only fun if you genuinely love beauty such a hair, makeup, and fashion.

beginner's cosmetology

You will know very quickly if it’s for you or not. You will know that you either aren’t interested or you’re just not very good. You will not do everything perfectly… DO NOT LET THIS GET YOU DOWN. Nobody is perfect When you see my work. I don’t show you my first try. I show off my 3rd, 4th, 5th try.

You WILL have your talents. Things that you do better than anyone else. Mine is haircuts, blowouts, and color. I do bomb ass blowout. I just have the wrist movement and flexibility you need for it. I have the shear movement/talent for haircuts. I am good with color, I have the patience and bold nature to be able to get into it without nervousness. I, however, am not very good at roller sets. I’m pretty good at pressing curls. The marcels are something I can work.

beginner's cosmetology

You will get frustrated. When I say frustrated I mean you WILL want to throw your mannequin head across the room. I do NOT suggest this at all. This is not recommended. What you should do instead, Take a step back, take deep breaths, think about what you are rushing, think about how to fix it. Give yourself time to relax…I say 5 minutes will help. If when thinking of the way to solve your issue ask your instructor.

This is not all practical work. You will have homework, test, and finals. Study!!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK. It is so easy.

Beginner's cosmetology

Study your first aid stuff. You need it for the state board. A man or women will randomly go up to students and say You cut yourself what do you do? or you cut your client what do you do?

Always pack up to three days before your state board finals. People wait until the last minute and then end up screwed without a mannequin or a stand or their shears. If you don’t have something, go out and buy it straight away!

If you don’t enjoy it stop the program and do something you love. You’ll be better off in the end.




  • You can do some hair on close friends and family for some extra cash.
  • You will have fun.
  • You will learn a lot about how to take good care of hair.


  • It is time-consuming. I am in school 35 hrs a week.
  • it’s hard work.
  • you are always on your feet.

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What’s in my purse?

Today’s post is nosey what’s in my purse this will give you some insight into what I keep in there. It’s not the most interesting but It seems to be interesting for others. Letting you guys be nosy and look into my purse.

what's in my purse?

Phone case: Rue21 , Sunglasses: Rue21 , Wallet: Victoria’s Secret

The first thing in my purse is a portable charger. Portable chargers are the absolute life changing device. You never see me without my portable charger and charged phone. In case, you didn’t notice, I have two portable chargers. I always carry headphones in case I want to listen to music while at school or if I go to the gym. Sunglasses are a must for me. I can’t go anywhere without a pair. Then there’s my wallet for a reason haha.

what's in my purse?

Purse and makeup bag: Nine West from Belks , Makeup brush: Sephora , Lip product: Lancome

In my makeup bag, I keep a lippie (Usually some sort of lipstick or lip balm). I always carry a foundation or two. A real techniques sponge, they are amazing and super affordable. My two faves at the moment, Urban decay perversions and Revlon Ultra volume which the formula is similar to the makeup forever smoky extravagant. Then for the brows is the Pixie brow duo. The color is light brown and you can find it at target.

*NOTE: I do NOT suggest ordering off of rue21’s website. It’s easier to go into the store. (Note: I also understand that they are shutting down like 200 stores.)

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5 Vacation Packing list essentials

This is what I’d pack in the summer if I were to go on a summer vacation. Honestly, my dream vacation would be probably going to Charlotte, Florida, Europe, somewhere tropical. This will be five things that are a must for me to bring!

  1. Laptop/phone: I run my website obviously so I’d want to be able to post my photos and such to Facebook, Instagram and my website.
  2. Bradley: I want to bring Bradley if I were to travel anywhere. I love hanging out with him. We mix together so well. He’s a homebody while I’m the go out and do stuff person.
  3. Camera: To document all the adventures Bradley and I go on. I am constantly taking photos and videos. I have my blog that I edit and share the photos on. I also share photos and videos on Instagram (@cara_lynn97). I know shameless plug right there.
  4. sunglasses: I need a good pair of sunnies. Rue21 has millions of super cute sunglasses. I am such a sunglass junkie…I have in the last couple of weeks bought more than 4 pairs. I probably going to buy more…just saying.
  5. A good pair of shorts: Charlotte russe, loft, and rue21 have a good selection of shorts. Rue21 and charlotte russe are going to be the lower end of the price spectrum while loft is often 40-5o dollars for one pair of shorts.

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A weekend away

Hey guys,

This is going to be a weekend away as you could guess by the title. This is similar to a day in the life but rather a weekend version of this. I hope this is interesting for you. It was more of a staycation.


Thursday was a morning full of travel. I had been planning this weekend away for about two weeks. I woke up at 6:00 am to originally leave at 7:00 am. There were storms in the early morning so I delayed my travel to 8:00 am. The trip was about three hours and forty-five minutes to get from Wilmington to Huntersville. I stayed at the Candlewood suites in Huntersville.

I got to Huntersville around 11:45 am. When I got to the hotel I hung out with my dad’s girlfriend. I couldn’t check-in until 3:00 pm. During that time, we got went to Geppetto’s. Then went to Walmart to pick up some food and other necessities.  When we got back to the hotel, it was time to check-in.

I ended up getting myself settled into the hotel room. Putting all my toiletries away, hanging clothes that wrinkle easily, as well as other stuff.

Then my dad got back to his hotel room at around 6:00 pm. We ended up going to outback right next to the hotel.  For an appetizer, Michelle and I got the bloomin’ onion. My dad hates onions but Michelle and I convinced him to try it. He said it wasn’t too bad. Then my meal was a 6 once filet minion, mac n cheese, and a Caeser salad. Then for dessert was a strawberry cheesecake parfait.

Bradley ended up staying in our room instead of driving back home. We watched a movie and then went to bed.


Bradley got up at 6:30 am. He ended up waking me up too. I stayed up the rest of the day. Then I went my dad and his girlfriend’s room to eat breakfast with Michelle. We then went to Walmart to buy the necessary items for dinner. We got carrots, zucchini, squash, and other veggies. Afterward, we dropped off the in my dad’s room. I went to my room to hang out with Bradley before he had to go to work. After Bradley left to go to work, Michelle and I  went to this little Mexican restaurant behind the hotel. I got a steak fajita while Michelle ate enchilada…I think…

Then we found out that my dad wasn’t going to get back to the hotel until about 6:00 pm. We went to the shopping center across the street and went to charming charlie. We eat got two sets of earrings. Then went back to the hotel. Michelle cooked the food and it was done by the time my dad got to the hotel.

Bradley came to the hotel after he got off of work. We hung out with my dad for about 30 minutes. Then we watched The boy on amazon fire stick. Then went straight to bed.


We (Meaning Bradley and I) set alarms for 6:30 and 7:00 am. We were going to eat breakfast at 7:30 am with Michelle. Well, we didn’t get up till 7:45 am. We ate breakfast with Michelle at 8:00 am. We had eggs and the usual breakfast foods. Then Bradley and I got ready for the day. First, we went to the Starbucks in the shopping center across the street from the hotel. I got a venti iced caramel macchiato and these organic fruit chews. We went to the Pennzoil auto parts sale and show. I took out money so Bradley could buy stuff. The PNC ATM wouldn’t let Bradley take money out (Bradley banks with a different bank). Then we went to the NASCAR hall of fame. We went with the purpose of trying to see if Bradley’s grandfather’s (Hoss Ellington) stuff was there. It wasn’t which was a tad bit disappointing. Then we went back to the hotel so Bradley and I could rest. Bradley then went to work.

My dad got home from work. We went to Galway Hooker Irish pub. I got a corned beef Ruben with french fries. It was great.  After we got done with dinner. We went to brewsters for ice cream. I got a small mint chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone. It was actually huge for a small.

Bradley ended up getting off of work kind of early. We laid in bed and watched trollz. It was a very funny and cute movie. Then we went to sleep. I didn’t sleep very good that night. I was up until about 12:30 am. I also woke up anytime I heard any sort of noise.


Bradley and I got up at 7:00 am. Bradley, My dad, Michelle and I ate breakfast in their room. Then Bradley and I went to put gas in my dad’s car (he let me drive it to Huntersville. My car wouldn’t have made it.). Then Bradley and I went to get money out of Bradley’s bank account because he owed me $70. Then we attempted to stop by the Starbucks near his bank….The line was out the door basically. I didn’t end up getting coffee there. We ended up going to the shopping center near the hotel I was staying at. We got coffee at the Starbucks there. I got a venti caramel macchiato and Bradley got a strawberry and banana smoothie. We went shopping. Then we headed over to my aunt and uncle’s house in Charlotte to hang out with them for about an hour. Then we headed up to Statesville to hang out at Bradley’s house. I ended feeling kind of sick so I laid down for 30 minutes. Then I left at 7:00 pm. I got to my house between 10:30 and 11:00 pm.

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Mac Studio Face and Body Foundation

Mac Studio Face and Body Foundation

So today’s post is a review of Mac Studio Face and Body Foundation. The overview of this foundation is it is very sheer coverage you can build it up but not anything more than medium coverage.

Mac face and body foundation

Pros and Cons List:


  • sheer coverage
  • large bottle
  • Spot on shade


  • Pricey
  • Almost watery consistency
  • Bottle leaks

The reason I love the sheer coverage is because in the summer I don’t really like full coverage unless I’m going out to a nicer dinner or something indoors. The coverage although sheer it is very pigmented and will even out skin tones and cover minor dark circles.  I come in what I would call a large bottle. I’m not quite sure about the ounces per bottle. The sales women were wonderful! She literally matched me perfectly on the first try. She was also the sweetest lady ever.

However, there were cons to this product. When I picked this out I didn’t want sheer coverage but I still like it. The pricey was a little hard to swallow. I don’t particularly enjoy spending at $30 on a sheer coverage foundation. The consistency is a bit on the watery side for me. I am not a watery foundation person. However, it is matte after applying so that released my worries about the watery consistency. Another issue which may be the case for just this bottle is that it leaks a tad bit. Not enough to spill all over one’s makeup bag but enough to notice it.

Other than the cons, I like the color that was picked out. The way it becomes matte after drying. It is a long lasting product you may have to reapply it during the warmer days though.

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Instagram Round-up

Today’s post is an Instagram round-up of just random things from my instagram.

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This is a blow out I did on a mannequin at school. All I used was heat protectant, a blow dryer and a medium size round brush.


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This is a simple blow out with a large round brush.


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These are succulents I bought from Pender pines garden shop.


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This is a face mask that I love right now.

KVD lock-it Concealer Review

KVD Lock-it Concealer Review

Today is a KVD Lock-it concealer review. This review will tell you all of my thought on the highly raved about concealer. First, I will tell you about the pros and cons. There will be photos throughout the post!

KVD lock-it Concealer Review

Pros and Cons list:


  • Creamy, good consistency
  • Long lasting
  • full coverage


  • A little pricier than drugstore ($20ish)
  • Needs to be set with translucent powder

KVD lock-it concealer review

The reasons:

The concealer is one of my favorites. The reason is it can conceal my intense dark circles. The intensity of my dark circle is they are a blue and purple mixture. Some days it looks like I got punched in each eye ( I can assure you though that’s not the case lol). It is very long lasting. The product doesn’t crease at all as long as you set it with powder and after you finished with your makeup spritz your skin with a setting spray. The consistency is creamy, smooth and very pigmented. I have one of the palest shades in the range. I’m extremely fair in the winter months. This price can be a turn off for some people. It is about twenty dollars give or take. The price for both the KVD lock-it concealer and foundation are pretty fair ranging under fifty for both. The full coverage nature of this concealer, you do not need much. I REALLY STRESS THAT POINT!!

In conclusion, I think that this is  a really great option for most if not all people. The range of colors is insane. The long lasting powers work for any lifestyle. As well as the price point which this concealer is one I use everyday and I’ve had it for at least 3 months. It last forever.

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General Information about Hair

This is a post about general! First things first, do you know what the hair strand is made of? or what your doing that is causing the real damage? How about what to do to fix it?

This general information about hair would

general information about hair

The hair is classified into different categories like Terminal hair and Vellus hair. The terminal hair is the long, course, pigmented hair found on the scalp, legs, arms and bodies of both male and female. Vellus hair is the unpigmented, short, fine hair that grows in places that are seemingly hairless like the forehead, chin, bald scalp.

The hair has a wave pattern which is how it grows whether it is straight, wavy or curly. Heat does damage the hair. Yes, heat protectant will help to some extent. If you have curly hair you should give your hair some rest on the heat. The heat breaks the physical bond of the hair. That means that if you straighten your hair too much your hair won’t go back to how it was prior to excessive heat damage.

Your hair grows in a cycle like most things. These cycles are the Anagen phase, the Catagen phase and, the Telogen phase. The anagen phase is the growth period for the hair. The Catagen phase is the in between the growth and resting periods. The Telogen phase is the last phase of the cycle. It is when the fully grown hair will shed.

When you go to a stylist tell all that you have done to your hair. Everything! Every time you’ve colored your hair, relaxed it, permed it. When you tell him or her they will know what to do to make sure your hair doesn’t burn off, fall out or turn neon green. Also, bring photos of what you like in terms of color, style, and general look.

There are many times of disorders of the hair. Always tell your stylist what your experiencing. The same goes for the scalp. We are supposed to be trained to notice things that are not considered normal and can refer you to a physician or a solution to fix it. For example, If a client has ringworms (Tinea) then we are supposed to inform you and insist that you go to a physician. For things like dandruff, we can refer you to a brand/home care system to care for the issues.

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