Hello everyone,

Happy belated 4th of July. How are you all? This is a little recap of 4th of July shinanigan. There have been a lot over the years.  I’m just going to recap some important ones like this 2017 year’s mishap.

I will be Initials to name people.

Light the mortar!

So we are all having a good time shooting off fireworks and just having a conversation. Well, AK has BM light a Mortar. Well, BM literally sets it on the ground and lights it. ( In case you don’t know anything about Mortars, you place them CORRECTLY in the tube. Then light them) Well AK notices that BM didn’t place it in the tube. AK yells run. I get up and run. So does everyone except MK1, MK2, AS and GS. They thought AK was kidding. Well, if you light a Mortar on the ground it will explode on the ground where you lite it. The flaming chunks of material will go flying in your direction.

Fire! Fire!

So this is a separate year, It was extremely dry that year. AK had picked out different fireworks this year. He decided to try a Pinwheel. A pinwheel is nailed into a tree. Ak lit the pinwheel and it started going. Well, it eventually got stuck and sparked the pine straw under the tree. As we were trying to put the fire out. AK knocked over the water bucket that he was going to pour on the fire. Then a sherriff drove slowly by. He didn’t stop and try to help. We got the fire out but it was an entire event.

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