This is what I’d pack in the summer if I were to go on a summer vacation. Honestly, my dream vacation would be probably going to Charlotte, Florida, Europe, somewhere tropical. This will be five things that are a must for me to bring!

  1. Laptop/phone: I run my website obviously so I’d want to be able to post my photos and such to Facebook, Instagram and my website.
  2. Bradley: I want to bring Bradley if I were to travel anywhere. I love hanging out with him. We mix together so well. He’s a homebody while I’m the go out and do stuff person.
  3. Camera: To document all the adventures Bradley and I go on. I am constantly taking photos and videos. I have my blog that I edit and share the photos on. I also share photos and videos on Instagram (@cara_lynn97). I know shameless plug right there.
  4. sunglasses: I need a good pair of sunnies. Rue21 has millions of super cute sunglasses. I am such a sunglass junkie…I have in the last couple of weeks bought more than 4 pairs. I probably going to buy more…just saying.
  5. A good pair of shorts: Charlotte russe, loft, and rue21 have a good selection of shorts. Rue21 and Charlotte russe are going to be the lower end of the price spectrum while loft is often 40-50 dollars for one pair of shorts.

I hope you enjoyed this post about 5 vacation packing essentials. If you want to go ahead and share it! I promise I don’t mind…Also be sure to follow me on all my social media accounts. I update them all regularly. Snapchat: caralynn97, Twitter and Instagram: @cara_lynn97.

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