Hello everyone,

I am writing this from the desk in the vacation house that my dad rented for us. Us being My dad, His girlfriend, Bradley and, I. It is situated on Lake Norman in Charlotte. Here we are on a bit of a mixture of a staycation and a real vacation. We have a boat, kayaks, hot tub and more.

The Living Roomvacation home

First, this is the living room.  The couch is a pull out bed. The room is pretty big for being a living room with the dining room and kitchen all connected. The couch is comfortable when sitting on it in couch form. The two strip chairs are light enough to maneuver to be able to watch TV. The pull out bed is a queen size. It comfortably can fit two full-size human adults.

The Desk
vacation house

Second, there is a desk as soon as you walk in the door. I immediately set up shop here. Having a desk is such a luxury as a blogger in my opinion of course. The chair, which I situated myself in every evening for a couple hour, was pretty nice. It wasn’t hard on your back.

The Kitchen
vacation house

vacation house

Next, the kitchen is of good size. This Airbnb had Keurig and regular coffeepot. This is good because the closest Starbucks was in Mooresville.

vacation house

Then, this was the sunset on Friday night. It was stunning. The view of the lake and the sunsets and sunrises were incredible, to say the least.

The Dock

Vacation house

Finally, that is the view right from the door/porch. The dock is very nice with lounge furniture on the very end. This place is very for fishing, boating, kayaking, swimming and sunbathing. Then you can drive anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to get to anything Charlotte offers.

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